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Expressive Arts Therapy


The issues of creativity go deep. Personal, social and cultural contexts influence the choice to write, dance, paint, draw, sculpt, make music, perform. I developed one wing of my Red Shoes Consulting Work into Expressive Arts Therapy.

What is Expressive Arts Therapy?

It is the use of the arts to explore psychological, physical and spiritual issues. As the Mission Statement of the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association – IEATA – says: Expressive Arts Therapy is “The Professional use of integrative, multi-modal arts processes for personal and community transformation. Expressive Arts are those activities in which creative expression fosters psychological, physical and spiritual wellness. We strive to establish recognition and growth of the field of expressive arts. We provide a global forum for professional dialogue and promote guiding principles for professional practice among expressive artists, educators, consultants and therapists.”

I am a Registered Expressive Arts Therapist.

Lois Silverstein: photo by Dick Coleman
• Through my individual and group work, I aim to enable people to work toward their own free creative expression and their own selves.

• I work to open creative channels and to deepen understanding of creativity in each individual’s life.

• Some of the questions we explore are:

What do I want to say?
How do I want to say it?
Who do I want to say it to?
What do I want to receive back?

Art is a journey into the unknown through palpable forms. Color, sound, shape, words, movements. Through the various media, I venture into past, present and future wishes and dreams. Through images, I work in tandem with a client to activate these images and turn them into productive and satisfying ways of life.

One-to One work and Small Groups facilitate the process.

Work may continue for a specific designated time (three months, one year) or continue as the quest evolves.

I use verbal therapy as well as work in writing, speaking, performance, meditation.

I take the fundamental principle of healing, making wholes, and apply it to the individual and the work of art being explored.

Lois Silverstein: photo by Susan Ford
Samples of workshops:

In Your Own Voice: Writing and Creativity Development

Step Into the Water: Deepening Creativity Through Writing and Other Artistic Media

Listen! The Trees Are Talking: Writing and Natural World

Let the Wild Women Write: Women and Creative Expression

To the Lighthouse – Writing Retreats to Explore Creative Consciousness

Write Naturally, Write Right: Developing Skills for Writing On the Job and In School


Through this process, not only the self is discovered, but the skills in the art itself get developed.

My work is holistic; clients grow and so do I.

Expressive Arts Therapy as I practice it is Red Shoes and Timberline Boots.


“Beautiful and bright it should be on the surface, feathery and evanescent, one colour melting into another like the colours on a butterfly’s wing; but beneath the fabric must be clamped together with bolts of iron.”
-Virginia Woolf



Contact Lois Silverstein (510) 464-3051

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