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The Story Of A Woman Of Courage

by Lois Silverstein


The moving tale of a woman freedom fighter and the fall of Danzig, Poland on the eve of
World War II. A vision of magic, dream and faith overcoming overwhelming odds.


coverdesign by Paul K. Seaton

"A humorous, anguished, wry , visionary, tragic, and heroic portrayal set against the sweep of historical events - shattering personal loss with a denouement [of] surprising sweetness and strength."
-Reuven Goldfarb, Editor, AGADA Magazine


"Remarkable emotional force, complexity and coherence in a short piece. VALIA'S perspectives on war - grizzly, relentless, sad, spirited, spiritual, humorous - are true and memorable. One writer/performer's voice in five characters helps us find our own."
-Maylie Scott, Zen Priest


BRAVA! Studio Theater- solo performances (January-February 1992)
Direction - Gemma Whelan
Music - Thomas B. Slocumb
Set Design - Lauren Elder
Lighting - Jim Cave
Programs and Posters and Design - Paul K. Seaton
Art Consultation, Jo Milgrom, Ph.D.

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Contact Lois Silverstein (510) 464-3051

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