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MOTHER MY HOUSE IS MOVING PAST is a lyric and dramatic account of growing up and leaving home. The story of childhood's loves and losses, adolescence' prizes and pains, early adulthood's ripening insight is told from the varying points of view of a young girl though the story is each of ours. The nine collages range from "Bright Apple" with its regimented elementary school days in New York; to "Trophies" with its competition and attachment of summer camp; and "Dreams on Ivory" with its indomitable piano lessons; through the twisting family relationships of "Always the Eleventh of June" and "My Father's Name is Abraham"; to the compelling reshaping of this world and its values into the more individualized ones of "Hold I Hear the Window Cracking" and "Oh the Cherry Trees They Flower." The voice is the inner one of a child, then the inner one of an emerging adult; the vision is of first myth. Then first reality.

Woven in a rich fabric of image, symbol, and motif, the narrative centers in the house, the place we start out from, and however much we protest to the contrary, are reluctant to leave. We do not want to lose the world we know and love however painful the passage and however compelling the world beyond it. Going forward though is not losing contact with the past; it is making a deeper connection with it. It is that connection, in fact, that enables us to move on. When we really leave home, we first return to it and hold it close again; when we set out to make our own home, we connect with our roots and let go.

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