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Curtain Rising

"To read CURTAIN RISING is to watch a glistening hologram in which we see, almost simultaneously, Lenni’s early submission, but to her pre-feminist marriage and her eventual insurgency and transformation. From the rich and challenging present, we are transported to days before the web offered space for a young mother to admit she had more inspiring things to do than to meet her mother-in-law at the airport. In midlife, Silverstein has found a magical way to display pain and possibility. The sparkling display itself is a sign of triumph."

"CURTAIN RISING is the splendid portrayal of a relationship that nourishes Lenni’s independence. Its driving truthfulness and courage encourages the growth and full creative expression of both husband and wife, against the background of the 50s and 60s and within the cocoon of marriage and family ambition. Finding her richness as a person enables Lenni to see the range of her husband’s as well. The victory over self is fierce and the acceptance of freedom genuine and promising. A tender story and a marvelous read!"
-MeMe Riordan, Professor Emerita, Former Chair-- Dept of English, City College/San Francisco

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