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Loving Is Listening To The Fine Beating Of Wings

"This collection of poems by Lois Silverstein offers us a vast range of feeling in poems for every taste: from the fine haiku-like precision of imagery and chiseled use of words and language to their condensations of allusions and a wide gamut of feeling; from their celebration of childhood wonder to the intimacy of love, its ritual bonds and mystical eroticism; from their intense longing for joy, with its concomitant melancholy and realism to their eloquent tribute to death, with choking feelings of grief. LOVING IS LISTENING TO THE FINE BEATING OF WINGS is a book of poems that matter. Please read them."
--Abdul Jabbar, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, City College of SF, English and Interdisciplinary Studies

"These poems sparkle. The objects and actions of daily life, the relationships within the family are presented as already refracted  - their light is clear and at the same time changes direction - discovers new facets or new depths of a scene or an experience - nothing is simple here, least of all the way simple words redirect the reader to resee the ordinary.  In fact, these are wonderful poems. I am full of admiration for them. I love reading them. Lois Silverstein as caught those flitting passing moments of our lives -- the watching of a child in some discovery, the watching of a cat, a tree, a love and a deep loss. These are not poems just personal to the poet but to us. They speak of our own discoveries, sometimes horrible, it's true, but  they disclose some of the dimensions of our dearest reality.    "
-Ellen Spolsky, Ph.D., Professor of English, Bar-Ilan University,  Israel

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